What We Do

Our philosophy promotes the commitment to providing our elders opportunities for care and comfort to lead a healthy life without worries and anxiety.

We help individuals and families adjust, cope and problem solve issues related to in-home caregiving and providing long-distance care.

By working with the community, community partners and available resources we will collaborate to provide pathways to promote both elder and Inter-generational health and understanding while leading to a greater quality of life for all.

River of Life GFCS offers the following to our elder clients, families, & the community:
• Client/Family Consultation.
• Elder Care Planning & Management of Services.
• Comprehensive Holistic Assessments/Screenings.
(functional, cognitive, overall health, life satisfaction)
• In Home Safety Assessment.
• Identify and Connect Resources and Services.
• Dementia Consultation
• Cognitive Impairment Support
• Preparing for Your Future: Getting your “ducks” in a row:
• Experiential Engagement
• Help for the Long -Distance Caregiver.
• Multigenerational Community Education & Experiences
• Individual & Community Education Programs & Instruction
• Dance & Movement Options for individuals/small groups /community classes
• Exploration Quality of Life pursuits and alternatives.
• Collaboration with existing Community Services in the local Aging Network

Educational Presentations, Programs, Workshops:
• “Ageless Grace” & the Brain Body Connection
• 4EverFit4Kidz
• Brain Dance: Developing new neural pathways through benefits of music, movement imagination & play
• Benefits of Multigenerational Interaction
• “Y.E.S. Together…Youth & Elders Sharing Together”
• Brain Health: Maintaining our Brains
• Dementia 101…What you need to know
• Preparing for the future or Getting your “ducks” in a row
• Healthy Aging….Strategies for Success