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Readers Use GoNOMAD to Plan Their Trips

A seller of wooden spoons at the market in Kashgar, China - photo by Valerie Sartor

A seller of wooden spoons at the market in Kashgar, China – photo by Valerie Sartor

Cartagena and Medellin, Colombia: No Fears!

Monica wrote to author Bill Karz:

I read your very nice article about Medellin. Thanks! I am originally from Medellin. It was really great to hear the things you have to say.

Getting a Taste of Hanoi’s Braised Fish Street

A reader from Malaysia emailed this story to a friend with this message:

useful tips for your trip in Hanoi

Kashgar, China: Auntie Val’s Magic Carpet Ride

Ruth emailed this story to a friend with this message:

the people are Uyghurs (90%), and Han-Chinese (10%) This is a good description. This is not really China. It is the old silk road!

Drinking the Kava: A Visit to the Real Fiji

GM emailed this story to a friend with this message:

this is a cool website [Thanks, GM!]

A Guidebook for Disabled Travelers

Kara emailed this story to a friend with this message:

You should put these accessible taxi numbers on your phone!

Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula: Full of Flavor

Peg emailed this story to a friend with this message:

Great article for you to read!

Rubbing the nose on a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois

Rubbing the nose on a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois

Springfield, Illinois: Relearning the Legacy of Lincoln

Sandy emailed this story to a friend with this message:

I thought you would be interested in this. I have never heard it described so well.

Budget Beaches of Sayulita, Mexico

R emailed this story to J with this message:

I will meet you on the beach for lovers at midnight. M_____

China: A Wonderful Family Destination

George emailed this story to two friends with this message:

Travel ideas. There are some cities listed here that have never been shown in detail on American television.
Limpopo, South Africa: Feeding a Teenage Hippo

Carol wrote to a friend:

“I want to go here and feed/pet Jessica!! It only costs $7.20. How often do you get a chance to feed/pet a REAL LIVE hippo?”

Northern Croatia: Castles, Character and Wine

Feeding Jessica the teenage hippo in Limpopo, South Africa

Feeding Jessica the teenage hippo in Limpopo, South Africa

Only today was I made aware of your extraordinary web site! Through your site I am able to research the destination of my conference in Zagreb, make reservations for alternative lodging, book my air reservations and car rental.

In addition to the Hotel Fala, I have found a delightful accommodation in Old Town Dubrovnik for a relaxing stay after the conference. The prices are tremendous savings over what I might have booked and the lodging, especially the property in Dubrovnik are more than satisfactory — all for pennies of every dollar I might have spent without the aid of your web site.

Thank you tremendously,

Jim Grant

GoNOMAD’s August 2007 Newsletter

Thought you might enjoy this newletter, especially the Milwaukee Sumerfest review. I get a lot of my ideas for trips from this source.


M__! I’m excited about this place so I thought I’d send u this and I’m sure it’ll work since we’ll be 2 days in Osaka, Love & k.o.e.cheek, Mom

GoNOMAD DESTINATION GUIDE: San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Kelley, here is one of dozens of websites about San Miguel. Enjoy!

Hungarian winemaker Josef Simon - photo by Cindy-Lou DaleHungarian winemaker Josef Simon
– photo by Cindy-Lou Dale
Hungarian Wine: Back in the International Spotlight

Hungarian Wine: Back in the International Spotlight by Cindy-Lou Dale was quite possibly the best article I’ve ever read about Hungary and/or wine! She’s absolutely brilliant and I can only hope that my writing can be as descriptive and poetic as hers is someday! I wrote to her and told her so too. She’s a great find!!!

Sony S. Stark, PilotGirl Productions.

Cinque Terre, Italy: A Beautiful Hike by the Mediterranean

hi sugar!
sounds like we could do this in a day…

Your boys may find this site and newsletter helpful for their travels. xox

The Everglades: Filled With Beauty and History

Hungary's thermal caves

Hungary’s thermal caves


Hungary’s thermal caves
Moments in Magyar: Hungary Is Ready for Visitors

I thought the thermal caves sounded amazing to swim through. What do you think?

Bogotá, Colombia: Progress and Promise

Hi just doing some research on Bogota, i am already suitably impressed. If i come to Columbia i might not get kidknapped afterall !!! Ha – ha xxx

The West of Ireland: Stories in Stone

This might be a good theme for our trip to Ireland.

Vanuatu’s Original Bungee Jumpers

See…there is such a place – not Tiramasu!!! Vanuatu! Interesting place…

DESTINATION MINI GUIDE: The Falkland Islands (The Malvina Islands)

Oh my god, the more I read about it the more I want to come out and explore the Island with you!!!

A camel in Tunisia

A camel in Tunisia

Local Guide: Martha’s Vineyard and NantucketHere’s a really good Martha’s Vineyard page.

Healdsburg, California — A Wine Heaven
I looked up Healdsburg and came upon this site. I think that Healdsburg sounds like an ideal place for you to visit in September.

Hot Springs of the Sierras

Here is a link to think about for our trip 🙂

Seeing Sorrento and Ischia

Good info on “Iss-key-ah”. Let’s keep it on the itinerary.

Bogotá, Colombia: Progress and Promise

hi, could not put in better words

Hup Holland! A Bike and Boat Adventure in the Netherlands

oh baby we gotta do this! A bike and boat tour through the netherlands!

Tunisia Will Seize Ya

This country is dripping with history, great food and inviting locals.

A Korean bathhouse

A Korean bathhouse

A Korean Bathhouse Experience: You’ve Never Been This Clean!

this is something I totally want to experience in life. I really want my feet to be pounded and slapped — I know it seems silly — but it has been on my mind for a couple of years. I am wondering if they have Korean bathhouses anywhere in the US. It sounds so good and
invigorating to me. Just had to share! Your goofy wants to be pounded -dirty ragamuffin xo

Lake Como, Italy: Destination Miniguide

Hey mi amore! Can’t wait for us to bask in the beauty and charm of Lake Como.
Love, Il Budino

Quebec City in the Summer Time

Here is a good website. We really enjoyed Quebec City the most. The Citadel, the Place Royale, and the Museum of Place Royale was amazing. Just 7 miles outside of town was an unbelievable waterfall the we hiked tothe top of. In Ottawa there is Algonquin Park and all the museums, but wedidn’t make it there. In Montreal…old Montreal was good with theunbelievable Cathedral of Notre Dame. We also loved the Biodome. It is in the old Olympic facility. Sorry it took so long for me to mow the grass…ha, ha.

Samoa Miniguide

This was very informative. Maybe we could look at next May or September.

Palm Springs, California: A Gay-Friendly Vacation Destination

This is not your daddy’s Palm Springs!

Rogers Beach in Westhampton

Rogers Beach in Westhampton


Budget Beaches of Sayulita, Mexico

Here’s the article with some nuts-and-bolts stuff. MY copy is perfumed with Madeira, as of lunch today — smells so sweet. We will have a fabulous trip, I just know it. If I find other sites, I’ll pass them on. Can’t wait.

The Hamptons on a Budget

This is very helpful.

Lake Como, Italy: Destination Miniguide

Thought you might enjoy this while you’re recuperating. I’ll print a copy, too. Some good tips on things to do, restaurants, shopping around the lake.

Macedonia: A Country Back From the Edge

Nice article that presents my country through perspective of a US citizen. You have permanent invitation for visit.

Paris-to-Dakar Bike Race

Hey Molly how cool does this look?

instantly thought of you and your next big trip. a new way of choosing a vacation.

Yukon sunset

Yukon sunset – photo courtesy Yukon Women’s Expeditions

Yukon Women’s Expeditions: Enjoying the Beauty of the Wilderness

I wonder whether this will ever be a reality for me. I’d love it.

Lake Como Italy Miniguide

This is a very good article which should give us useful tips as to where we might go.

The Benefits of a Sustainable Travel Vacation

mom – sustainablity is everywhere. check this out!

GoNOMAD Destination Mini Guide: Lake Como, Italy

I am copyediting an autobiography written by an American-Italian lady who visited Lake Como in 1988. She is 83 years old. Because she has been wheelchair-bound with polio since she was nine, she did not see much of Lake Como and remembered only a boat ride and seeing the Alps.

I went to to get more information about Lake Como and I am very glad that I did. Catherine Richards Golini has done an excellent job in enticing me to visit your beautiful and interesting Lake Como.

Please give my compliments to Catherine regarding her editorial. I could not stop until I read your whole website.

Hank Hawkins Las Vegas, Nevada USA

New Hampshire’s Stonehenge

this is in new hampshire – found it because Bode was talking about the petroglyphs he saw over the weekend driving through the great basin from utah to ely. told him about my dream and he said that in south america they discovered a stonehenge while destroying the amazon jungle there. while looking for that i found this.

Volunteer Directory

Interesting site with volunteer possibilities around the world. I chose to look at Namibia – hey if it’s good enough for Angelina & Brad..
Cyprus Miniguide

Found this useful site about Polis. If you are going with the kids during hols you may find it useful.
Worldwide Directory of Overseas Teaching Jobs

I stumbled across this and thought that it was really cool. We can do this later in life. Or in the summer when our kids are older. What do you think?

GoNOMAD Destination Mini Guide: Lake Como, Italy

This is cool about Lake Como. Take a look.

Tribes and Tribulations in a Marrakech Hammam

Damn, I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall in a hamman. If you go, take a hidden camera!
Midnight in the Piedmont: Chasing the Wild Truffle

Bob you’ll love this article!!

Il Dolce Tartufo – A Gelato Revelation in Southern Italy

Don’t you want to hop on a plane?
Kashgar, China: The Market at the Top of the World

I think we should head up to kashgar for the weekend and then come down to see more of Urumchi. I would love to take that brief excursion to the dessert… especially to see the dunes. It is the second largest in the world after the Gobi. Looks as if there is a lot to see and do in Xinjiang.

Seeing Sorrento and Ischia

I think this page is pretty good description.

Kura Kura – An Indonesian Paradise

We have now booked our trip to Kura Kura for September. There is very little information on this island in the Jawa Sea, so just hope we have made the right decision – the article was very well written.

Montreal Destination Guide

Hi,,,this sounded very intertesting,,, good info

I signed up for their newsletters and have spent a bit of time searching their adventures.

Top Ten Nude Beaches

“Let’s plan to see all these beaches at some point in our lives!”

Party in Paraty, Brazil

“I don’t mean to clutter your inbox, but I found some info on the honeymooners’ spot I mentioned yesterday. Your wife will love it. Words can’t describe the amazing views.”
McLeod Ganj/Dharamsala

“I must commend your team on this superb site. I have been searching for detailed information on McLeod Ganj/Dharamsala for a quite a while but was always disappointed by the superficial, hackneyed approaches I found on other sites. In one GO I found all the information I needed on GoNomad and was able to start planning my trip with a solid and realistic groundwork. I recommend GoNomad to every traveller!”
Bat Caves of Trinidad

“Very expressive and shows GONOMAD’s strength in showing exotic locales that other travel sites stay away from. Good for GoNomad and good for MeiMei Thai.”
Motorcycling in the Himalayas

“Thought it made good reading and realy makes me want to go there.”

Mexico’s Vast Copper Canyon on a Tiny Aussie Budget

“We should print this out for info”
Rick Steves Essay on Travel

“I thought you’d also be interested and agree with this article by Rick Steves. I follow his travel advice often. is a great site too — though it will get you even thirstier for travel than ever before!”

Canaries Miniguide

Check this out. You and me and nothing but love.

Going where No One Goes: Suriname

“Bether, I found this article on Suriname at, I subscribe to their monthly newsletter.”
Mountain Biking in Moab

“Hello!! This article was detailed and informative!”

“I just wanted to say that I love the article, Mountain Biking in Moab, Utah. I have always wanted to go there being from Denver and I definitely think I’m going to take a trip this spring as recommended. I love the fact a bike shop was recommended as not to haul your bike and other things to do other than making it a trip just about mountain biking, but so many other things to do as well. Thanks for posting the article!!!”


Kura Kura Indonesia

“This was a great article. It brought the place alive and places Kura Kura near the top of the list of where I want to visit. I hope to see more work here from Lisa Goins in the near future.”

Thanks, Robin

Costa Rica Guide

“Great site, I was wondering if anyone would have a good recommendation for a Jeep/4×4 rental in Costa Rica. My Google searches aren’t bearing much fruit.”
“Walk like a Brazilian.”

” All about your favorite country, baby.”

Costa Rica for Families

“More on Costa Rica”
The Budget Beaches of Sayulita, Mexico

“hi! this is a good website.we loved diamante-not super nice but has pool, outdoor kitchen,fridge, block off beach, or try gaviotas.”
Borocay Destination Miniguide

“Just wanted to show you this I found, potential for your next trip to paradise.”

Getting a Taste of Hanoi’s Braised Fish Street

“This site seems pretty informative, u think we’d stay long there? We’re to avoid monsoon but i dun noe when dat is..”

GoNOMAD Lodgings channel

“It looks like gonad, but it isn’t.”
Zanzibar Guide


Savoring the Flavor in Vienna’s Coffeehouses

“a ver si te llega toda la pagina el cafe esta en Woll something strasse ”

Tobago Diving Guide

“todd… give to Ami… there’s a bit on SCUBA diving which is suppossed to be excellent. Downside is probably cost of air fair but I didn’t check it out. DAD”
Slovenia by the Sea

“This caught my eye–maybe something to try in combination with Vienna or Venice, which aren’t too far away…”

“See guys, no need to worry!”

“Weckt Erinnerungen!”Gruss, Dieter

Ascoli, Italy Language Learning

“This is an interesting website – and I’m checking through them for grape picking….plus”

Nature, History and Railroads: Enjoying Them All in Richmond, Virginia

“Connie; An interesting article on Richmond. Riley”

Around the World Guide


Lodging Favorites around the world

“how about this as a diversion…”
Borocay Miniguide

“This is about Borocay. It looks like a long way to go to get to a beach… Let’s talk soon.”

Barcelona Destination Guide: “You’ve Just Got to See It!”

“Hi Walter This may be of interest to you best wishes steve”

A life-changing trip on Horseback to Rajasthan, India

“Laura, Thought this might interest you. Might be able to use it as a tax deduction, also. Karen”
A Trinidad Adventure – Rough Terrain, Gentle People

“Here’s something we could try.”

Keep that writer, he is terrific!”

Unusual accommodations

We have been to one already…when to the others?
Isle Royale: Michigan’s Secret Island

We should go here on our road trip!!!

Palm Springs, California: A Gay Friendly Vacation Destination

This tells a bit about some neat things we have to do here in the desert when you are here! 🙂
Mexico’s Vast Copper Canyon on a Tiny Aussie Budget

this is one of many mexico copper canyon site. does that kind of adventure appeal to you. sounds like one must prepare physically before heading out on this one.

Il Dolce Tartufo – A Gelato Revelation in Southern Italy

Greta, this is an article that was published by my friend Her goal is to travel and become a food
taster/critic/whatever, writing about the countries and culture via their dishes. I thought you might enjoy reading it. Love mom

Mary – this is the site I told you about from the Rotary meeting.

Cooking In Italy: Being Part of the Family at Mami Camilla

This cooking school sounds delightful and has reasonable single accomodations for cooking students. Beautiful location. You could take calsses starting May 2.

interesting travel link…for ideas

Star Wars Slumbers: Sidi Driss Hotel– Matmata, Tunisia

pareil comme les Flintstones!

The Ten Best Bare Beaches in the World

ohh la la !!!!

Nature, History and Railroads: Enjoying Them All in Richmond, Virginia

Ask us to take you to Maymont the next time you are in Richmond. The Italian Gardens offer a wonderful view of the James River as your “Italian multi-leveled landscape does of the Catskills.

Urique, Chihuahua, Mexico: A Birding Paradise

See for your reading pleasure

Costa Rica with Kids

Info sur les voyages au Costa Rica avec les enfants

Community Tourism Comes to New York City

Why am i not surprised?

GoNOMAD Alternatives

Allen, send this on to John Father

My Home in the Himalayas: A Letter From A Tibetan Monk

Hi Gillie, interesting read.

Ethiopia Photo Gallery

just wanted to send some pics of Ethiopian. How cool does this sound?

Papua New Guinea: The Final Frontier?

info on PNG as “The Last Frontier”

Teaching in Beijing

Plz find this website it can help you in looking for a job in china also other countries try this one.

Hon, plz check this website I think it can help you well in finding unique teaching methods and strategy of Teaching English in China.

Sri Lanka Destination Guide

Was checking out postal service and what not. Maybe the rain suit would b good! love, mom

If you’ve got something to say about GONOMAD, please write us and we’ll include your comments here. Safe travels!