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Best Travel Stories of 2021


It’s time for us to pick the stories that we think are the best of the year 2021. Once again, it’s a hard job because there are dozens of stories that deserve mention. But we narrowed our list and herewith, we present the best travel stories of 2021.

Lanai, Hawaii’s Mysterious Island

Noreen Kompanik
Noreen Kompanik

Kinmen Island, Taiwan

Kayla Marie
Kayla Marie Smith

The Rocky Mountaineer from Denver to Moab

Rich Grant
Rich Grant

Ancona’s Impressive Caves of Passetto

cindy lou dale
Cindy-Lou Dale

Ocala and Florida’s Sports Coast: Let’s Play!

Max Hartshorne

Stunning Gamsutl: Dagestan’s Machu Pichu

thomas burke
Thomas Burke

Colosseum Underground: Where Gladiators Walked

John Henderson
John Henderson

Kusatsu, Japan: Steaming Waterfalls and Springs 

Richie Henry
Richie Henry

Three Charming Delaware River Towns in NJ 

Anne Braly
Anne Braly

Yazidis of Lalesh, Kurdistan

Annie Chen
Annie Chen

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