Welcome to River of life Geriatric Family Care Services
“Offering Creative Solutions to Complex Life Situations”
Good Health & Quality of Life for All

River of Life, Geriatric Family Care Services offers a unique hybrid of services to elder clients and their families. We go above and beyond to craft creative solutions to help navigate through complex life situations.

Located in Floyd, VA, River of Life is owned and operated by Beth Meyers.

Her unique credentials include:
• MS degree in Gerontology & Adult Education, MCV/VCU, Richmond, VA
• BS degree Dance Education, Certification K-!2 and Elder Dance. UNC-Greensboro, NC
• Graduate Level-Gerontologist, National Association for Professional Gerontologists
• Associate Member, Aging Life Care Association
• Certified Educator, Ageless Grace Body & Brain Movement Program
• Certified Dementia Practitioner
• Community & Dance Educator
• Elder Advocate

Beth has over 30 years of experience working as a Gerontologist & Dance Educator in University and Community based settings.